The Featured Diagnosis and Treatment of TCM

1.The combination of TCM and Western Medicine Diagnosis:

Dr.Sui believe that the good effect must have come from an accurate diagnosis, our body is complex, sometimes just TCM or the Western medicine is not a perfect, if the two methods combined diagnosis of TCM and Western medicine, you can more accurately find the cause of disease, resulting in better outcomes.

2.The Featured Acupoints of TCM :

After diagnosis,the next step is to select good  points for treatment, general TCM select acupoint not at local lesions,the meaning is if the illness stay at top of the meridian and we  do acupuncture at the meridian below,  if also consider about  the diagnosis of Western Medicine, the effect will much better.

A   Select acupoints by TCM diagnosis :

When ancient Dr.of TCM use acupuncture to treatment, if the disease on the right side, they have done  acupuncture on the left side, opposite’s acupuncture,often effects much better than just local effectiveness. In accordance with the distribution of cranial nerve, cranial nerve control on the right side is the left, right side control on the left side, shows ancient Chinese medicine found the rule in practice at thousands of years ago.

B  Select acupoints by Western Medical Diagnosis:

Use a definite diagnosis of Western Medicine  to select local acupoints for the lesions’s treatment and also choose featured  acupoints  wtih the traditional method .

3.The Featured Treatment of Chinese Herbs

Sometime the condition is very comlex, like many surface diseases actually came from inside the body of the disease, if just  do acupuncture treatment that doesn’t enough,and need herbs to adjust problem of the inside,especially for some chronic diseases.