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What is QI?

According to Chinese Medicine, QI is divided into two forms called acquired and congenital. QI is an important life material, which includes a variety of hormones, and is also found in your immune system. The QI’s strength comes from your parents and it complements with the intestinal absorption of the spleen and stomach.

How does traditional Chinese Medicinese Treat Disease?

Diseases of Chinese medicine are divided into YIN and YANG, cold vs. hot, the outside environment vs. the inside environment, and deficiencies vs. excess. For example with traditional Chinese medicine, when the body is too hot, you would treat the problem using cold herbs, and when the body is yang, you would use yin herbs Continue Reading

What is Acupuncture?

According to Chinese medicine, the human body contains Meridian. Meridian is known as an acupuncture line and is found throughout everyone’s body. Meridian is connected to your organs and by adjusting different points along the Meridian it can help correct the problems with the different organs. Meridian is distributed through the limbs and muscles of Continue Reading